SHIPS MEN's concept is a "Stylish Standard." The collection expresses a traditional style in a modern form.

SHIPS JET BLUE is life size wear that condense essence of STYLISH STANDARD.


Women who have a good sense of aesthetic can express themselves well with their fashion. Ships Women offers a refined collection that helps bring out their individuality.

Our this Brand is focusing entirely on the concept of “traditional style” and at same time,We would like to offer a new basic style.

I prefer myself tomorrow. We propose a good quality and wearable trend style to feel brand-new discovery and stimulation.

Khaju gathers glamorous and exciting clothings that can fill up the closets of girls who love fashion. The collection is a mix of styles of prettiness, glamorous and sexiness using flowers as motifs.

Lifliatte ships combine comfort and the "flat shoes" lifestyle, allowing women to wear relaxing shoes that complement Ships' style of clothing.


SHIPS KIDS was found to answer the voices of parents' who want their kids to dress up in SHIPS clothing that make their smile stand out.


"Life style" we think is that has the value of the essential life that fitted oneself.